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Groupon for business

5 Reasons to Use Groupon as a Business

Groupon is all the rage at the moment, with around 50 million active customers, it is certainly doing something right. The site provides its users with thousands of coupons and daily deals, all of which save the end user money, and provides business for the company supplying the discount. Groupon will also get a cut […]

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online shopping

Why Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is not decreasing. Buyers add stuff to their shopping cart, however exit without finishing the purchase. The term ‘buyer’s remorse‘ needs to coined another way to describe why online shoppers abandon their shopping carts. Relinquishment is an electronic business term used to portray a condition wherein a visitor on a page leaves […]

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How Do I Price My Products/Services?

Many people have incredible business ideas – perhaps even world-changing. And a lot of work goes into turning those ideas into a reality, driving buzz around the product, and storming towards a successful launch. But as soon as that launch date arrives, no one buys. You might be perplexed, confused, and unsure as to why […]

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